Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Zombimbo Apcocklyse

Happy Halloweenie
Been a while since I posted something new here so for the fans.

Art by Speh

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Training Time - Knight/Berserker

Whoops thought I posted this, Really haven't been keeping track lately. (there was a mess up on the base costume, as it was supposed to be a knights but that's also my fault for not double checking the artist)

Anyways art by Storm Feder
adult so it's posted here.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sister Sins Story: Guard who cried Bimbo - Donation Release

Art by Lemonfont

*Update 6 - 4/9/14 - 6th Donation point reached - 7 extra pages posted*

Donation release format.
That means after every X dollars donated the next page will be posted up to the public.
However any donators will get a e-mail copy with all 16 pages from the get go.
Minimum donation of 3 dollars please. Max is whatever your willing to spare
50% of the proceeds after fees/taxes will go back to the artist Lemonfont.
Donations through Paypal - Webpage with link
In the Comments of the donation list 'X4as6dg11' so I know your referring to this one.

Anyways onto the comic

Once upon a time...

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Realms of Rebirth [V.001] [04/06/2014]

XXX rated RPGmaker beta
(standard warnings)
(TG/TF/Futa/Corruption/Monsters/MC/BE/Rape/end goal is to have almost everything /d possible in some amount though there are some like scat that I just won't do)

General Overview -
Design wise I'm aiming for a hybrid of monstergirl quest/village of nightmares/overlord bob universe
Storywise - Just play the intro.

Plans - Still on the fence on the final battle system, as implementing a duel stat system for alternate battle methods is proving to be pain in the ass.
Initial plan was to have the standard hp/mp battler system and implement a 2ndary seduction combat system based on the equipment selected.
So that depending on the foe or situation you would need to switch between the two and that clothes that are strong in some function would be poor in the other.
(if anyone knows a good script to do this please let me know)

Either way the only battles so far are generic ones as the alternate system won't be introduced until after the priestess heroine events are complete which is where this ends at.

Pretty much plan on doing all the monster girl archetypes over the course of the story.

Art - currently having custom art done for all the major characters so don't expect any of there designs to really be the same, mostly using in game art and monstergirl series artwork for battlers which will be switched out.
I actually do have the scripts setup for larger portrait sized images and such but not active as missing ones cause the game to crash.

Download Link

Lots of bad end triggers and also 4 is my general rule of triggers. So save often.

Summary for the lazy
Heroes fight demon lord, planets soul/core gets destroyed in the fight.
Accidently replaced with porn mag instead of light crystals, no immediate effects.
few month later the MC companion is affected first and turns into futa.
goes around converting monsters into monster girls and turning humans into sluts
the 7 other heroes act as the ‘bosses’ for each area that you need to work your way up to to trick/transform/fight
heroes are in different regions which have different monsters and side quests for other tribes

Suggestions/fixes/typos/etc... would be welcome.